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Hear All The Great Things The're Saying About PhotoLab Direct


Where do I start? Photo Lab Direct has made our life so easy. Before we used to track out album orders by calling each department. Photolab Direct has enabled us to have everything at our finger tips: Live Status, Order History, Order Details, and Shipping etc… My favorite part of Photolab Direct is the live update feature. This eliminates a lot of unnecessary calls from our clients asking for their order status. Now there is little need for them to contact us for even the smallest questions. Once the order is completed, they get an automatic notification. I can go on and on.

Photolab Direct is an outstanding tracking system and FineArt Album is fortunate to have this system in place.

It has been a pleasure working with Dave and AJ. They have always been there when I needed assistance. Their customer service is impeccable and second to none.

Thank you PhotoLab Direct.
   -- Rhea Patel, Director of Sales/Marketing, FineArt Albums
Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to the whole team at Photolab Direct who created this amazing web-based custom built software for the photo album industry.

Before PhotoLab Direct we were using manual procedures for the tracking and management of the album and print orders which was very tedious and error prone. Since having PhotoLab Direct order management, tracking and entry has been very easy. Also, PhotoLab Direct allows "live" email updates for the customers regarding the order progress which reduces the burden on customer service. Thanks to PhotoLab Direct the album designing process has been streamlined for Fine Art Albums, Inc. The folks at Photolab Direct deliver fantastic, professional, and fast service. They are a pleasure to deal with.
   -- Zeeshan Tahir, Customer Service Manager, FineArt Albums



No. 6 Logs all communication throughout production. Eliminates the “he said/she said” arguments